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fresh green pepper kerala india,pepper from kerala Green Pepper corns are the immature, fresh (green) berries of the pepper vine - Piper nigrum. These berries are plucked fresh from the vines and processed into various specialty products while retaining their natural green colour and flavor. Following are the gourmet range of Green Pepper Products processed in India.
India is one of the very few countries which produce and supply Freeze Dried Green Peppercorns, wherein even the natural form of the Green Peppercorns is retained. This is a specialty product which finds a wide application in instant soups and dry-meals on account of its special characteristics and subtle flavor. It is also used in the cheese industry and for preparation of pates. By virtue of its reconstitution characteristics it is a favorite choice for housewives who obtain it from the retail in glass jars for varied application at home.
Freeze Dried Green Pepper ,Dehydrated Green Pepper, Green Pepper in Brine ,Frozen Green Pepper

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